Plastic Industry

Used as a filler in rigid & plasticized PVC. lt further improves impact strength and facilitates smooth extrusion of plastic.

Recommended : Dical S ITC-302,

Usage in Cable compounds/Cables improves gloss, tensile strength, elongation and other physical propefties.

Recommended : Dical S / TC-302, TC-202.

Paper Industry

Used across a wide spectrum of applications to enhance the brightness, smoothness, opacity and ink receptiveness. Control of burning rate in cigarettes.

Recommended : TC-202 I TC- I 04

Filler in Leather Cloth/Sheeting

Usage in PVC Cables, PVC Compounding PVC Rigid and Conduit Pipes, PVC Green Hose Pipes, PVC Capping, lrrigation Accessories, Shoe Compounding, PVC Films PVC Froorrngs, Vvarr Paper/ PVsheeting.

Recommended :Dical S, Dical C.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Usage applications include neutralisation and filtration aid in antibiotic manufacture, as a calcium source, as an antacid, and as a bulking agent in making tablets.

Recommended : TC- 104 / TC- 106 /
Limcal-L / M.

Rubber Industry

Reinforcing filler in natural and synthetic rubber for tyre/ tube application as well as slippers, soles, straps to improve strength as well as. whiteness, while reducing total costs.

Recommended :Dical S / TC-302

Usage in Rubber also extends to Auto parts, rubber accessories, V-Belts etc.
Recommended :TC- 104, TC-302 / Dical S.

Cosmetic Industry

Used extensively in powders to increase fluffiness and control absorption. Also used in depilatory creams and in face powders as perfume carrier.

Recommended : TC-302 TC -104

Paint Industry

Used extensively as an extender and as an opacifying agent in emulsion paints.

Recommended :TC-2Q2. Polishing agents in window and mirror cleansers

Recommended :Dical S.


An essential ingredient in powder and paste as a cleaning and polishing agent used for it’s abrasion property in toothpowder / toothpaste.

Recommended :Limcal-L/ Limcal M / H.

Printing Ink Industry

Used as an extender in printing inks to control strength & body of ink.

Recommended :TC-202l Dical-S.

Animal Food

Used as necessary calcium supplement as well as a part of staple diets of cattle. Calcium carbonate is also used as a major ingredient in cattle Feed.

Recommended :TC- 104 / LIMCAL-L

Foods And Beverages

ln chewing gum and powder drinks.

Recommended :TC- 104 / TC- 106.

Sealants and Mastics

ln PVC plastisols as rheology modifiers for car under body, applications on polyurethane, polysulphide and silicon. Also used as sealants for construction and insulation glass applications.

Recommended :Dical S / Dical-C / TC-302.